World's First Real-Time

Muscular Biosensor.

LIMINATM is the first clinically-tested sweat tracker that allows athletes, sports teams and sports labs to optimize workout intensities, minimize injury & track progress in real time.

LIMINATM Performance Tip.

The best performance data is in your sweat.

Sweat Analysis Technology

Our patented carbon technology measures your sweat's hypoxanthine levels to drive your workout for optimal intensity, performance & recovery

Track and Improve

Formally only available in sports performance labs, LIMINATM is the world's first commercially available chest-strap sweat sensor to measure your fitness & health metrics

Anytime. Anywhere

Pair with our mobile app to see lightning fast, real-time metabolic data anytime and anywhere
LIMINATM Scientific Roots.

The Science: Hypoxanthine

/ hy-po-zann-theen /

Engineered by the world's most advanced metabolic researchers, LIMINATM measures the hypoxanthine metabolite in an athlete's sweat, which is the final measurable body signal before one's muscles breakdown. By training up to this optimal level -and not beyond - you will get the most efficient training for maximum intensity & recovery based on your fitness goals.

Sunshine Holmberg, CTO

Wear with pride.

Wear the smartest way to train.

At an elite level, formulas and rule of thumbs don't allow workouts for optimal performance. By measuring your sweat, LIMINATM provides the most comprehensive, direct real-time fitness data reflective of your body. With LIMINATM you can maximize your workout intensity based on your biochemistry, predict future performances and minimize injury.

Mazi Zarrehparvar, Co-founder